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The idea behind VHaquarell

As an artist and artisan, I have always placed a great emphasis on creating and using the highest quality materials, including those that are not conventionally available for purchase. Working in very fine detail, it has always been my special endeavor to create unique colors to push your limits of creative expression and open up possibilities for you to create your work as you wish.


The love of craftsmanship for the handmade colors also expresses itself to the love for art and our creativity. Together we will ignite the joy of painting and creativity into a passion and give our lives the opportunity for creative expression with which we can develop according to our desires.



I want to create a world where handmade watercolors push the boundaries of creative expression and inspire us as a source of joy in life and personal fulfillment for everyone who uses them.



My mission is to provide the highest quality, handmade watercolor paints so that each person is given their own personal, artistic voice to express themselves the way he or she wants to. We create a community where we live and develop our creativity as a passion, to develop our personality according to our desires.

Figurative mark & word mark: VHaquarell


In 2023, the figurative mark, which is used as the logo for VHaquarell's products, and the word mark: VHaquarell were registered. The trademarks guarantee you the long-term promise of VHaquarell to offer high quality and unique handmade watercolor paints.


The founder Victoria Hilbrecht


VHaquarell was founded by me, Victoria Hilbrecht in 2022 to offer unique, handmade watercolor paints with special properties. The focus is on a loving and detailed handwork to bring wonderful color experiences on paper. In doing so, my creative streak has accompanied me since childhood. I have always enjoyed crafting, painting and trying out a lot of things, until at some point I discovered my true passion: making my own handmade paints and the versatility they offer. My first breakthroughs came with alcohol inks and later my passion led me to handmade watercolors. It is the special color effects, like those of the chameleon colors, which I am particularly fond of - their color gradients and effects are simply fascinating and breathtaking. It is this uniqueness and this tangible quality that the colors bring with them, which formed the basis of my motivation to make handmade watercolors professionally to make people's lives more colorful and enriched.


Let your creativity run wild and conjure up unique works of art on paper!


"I want you to create unique, priceless works of art on paper with my handmade colors."

♥ All colors in my shop are handmade by me with love and patience! ♥

- Victoria Hilbrecht 

The artist Victoria Hilbrecht


The store owner Victoria Hilbrecht is a visual artist with an extraordinary career . Already in very early childhood she lived out her urge to create art intensively. This passion led to a university degree in interior and landscape design. To realize her dream as an artist, Victoria learned German and traveled to Germany. The pursuit of happiness, freedom and artistic self-realization are the cornerstone of her success.

It is a great passion of Victoria to make her paints handmade. Her craft originated with creating her own alcohol inks, which was necessary to create her extraordinary alcohol ink works as an artist. Having a great passion for watercolor painting since childhood, she has applied her craft expertise to the handmade creation of watercolor paints. All colors are made by her according to her own recipes, carefully processed and finished with great attention to detail.

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