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Youtube Affiliate program

Welcome to the affiliate program of VHaquarell!

As a passionate artist and creative lover, I invite you to become part of our community and share with me the world of handmade watercolors.


I, Victoria Hilbrecht of VHaquarell believe that high quality handmade watercolor paints push the boundaries of creative expression and give everyone the opportunity to find their personal artistic voice. The handmade watercolor paints are developed and produced by me with great care and passion to offer unique and inspiring materials to artists and creatives worldwide.


As an Affiliate Partner of VHaquarell, you will become part of an emerging community of artists, art lovers and creatives. You will get access to exciting promotional materials and attractive commissions for each referred sale. You can promote my products in your own creative environment, be it through blog posts, social media posts or other creative channels.


I place a high value on authenticity and personal engagement. If you share my vision and live my values of innovation, pricelessness, truthfulness and uncompromisingness with me, then you've come to the right place. I am happy to support you in your success as an affiliate partner and look forward to enriching the world of handmade watercolors together with you.


Join my Youtube affiliate program today and become part of an inspiring community. Together we can enrich the creative world and encourage people to find and live out their artistic voice!


If you have any further questions about the affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact me. Just send me a message or an email.


I look forward to working with you!


Yours, Victoria, from the VHaquarell Affiliate Program

Become a Youtube affiliate partner with VHaquarell and benefit your channels with the following incentives:

- Get insight and content into the world of handmade watercolors. I'll be available to you with stories, information, picture and video footage, as well as the latest handmade watercolor paints.

- Meet a loving and creative community that is passionate about your creative content and always looking for wonderful templates, ideas and more.

- Through the high quality of the handmade watercolor paints and my very close customer service in direct contact and exchange with the lovely people, you will build confidence for yourself and your channel thanks to handmade watercolor paints that offer real added value.

- Get involved in every sale through your affiliate link and use your channel and reach to monetize for your creative work.

Contact me

Thank you!

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