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  • How big are the individual paint cups?
    The size of the 1/2 cup is: 1.8 cm * 1.5 cm * 1.0 cm in length * width * height.
  • How much content is there in a 1/2 color cup?
    The content of a 1/2 color pot is 2 ml. However, I always make a mound of paint with two to three additional layers of paint, so the total paint content is 2.2 ml or more. The weight varies depending on the color and color collection, the ranges here are between 3g and 8g depending on the color type.
  • How does the price come about?
    All the paints offered on VHaquarell are handmade watercolors. Unlike the industrial process, they are mixed, processed, bottled and packaged by hand. The special color properties and the high, individual effort of each color, which contribute to your incomparable color experience, require a high commitment of selected materials and time, which are reflected in the price. In direct comparison, the handmade watercolors on VHaquarell offer between 25-50% more content than industrial paints, as the largest possible 1/2 cells are selected and a mound of paint is created above the color cell, which requires another two to three layers of paint after the 1/2 color cell has already been filled. Thanks to the use of very special pigments and ingredients, I can offer unique handmade watercolors that come with a very high abundance of content, personal inserts and bonus materials. Although this is a custom-made product with an artisan character, I use all the possibilities available to me to offer you the fairest price so that you can live out your passion for watercoloring.
  • Where can I view VHaquarell colors on site?
    Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to view the handmade watercolors in a stationary location. There is a wide range of photo and video content on the website, YouTube or social media, as well as a detailed description with pictures of the individual colors. In addition, there are also some customer pictures as a reference, which were created with my handmade watercolors, you can find more about this under "Artist Highlights", or also under Instagram. If there is a possibility to find VHaquarell in stationary retail later, I will report about it.
  • Are the handmade watercolors vegan?
    Depending on the different color collection (series), the colors are vegan or not. The Starter, Honigaquarell, Neon and Limited color collections are handmade watercolors that contain honey. The Metallic and Chameleon color collections, on the other hand, are completely free of honey and therefore also vegan. In the future, there will be a vegan series with color properties similar to the honey watercolors but without honey.
  • Are the colors harmful?
    The color itself when painting is not harmful to health. Of course, you must not eat the paint and you should avoid contact with the mucous membranes. Children should be observed and instructed when painting so that they do not swallow the colors or put them in their mouths.
  • On which materials are the colors suitable?
    All watercolors are excellent for painting on paper. The starter watercolors are very suitable for painting on white paper, as they are not opaque. The metallic watercolors can provide an excellent experience on both white and dark paper because they are opaque. The paints are not suitable for use on glass, metal, textiles, stone, wood, plastic, food or ceramics.
  • Are the colors protected from water after painting?
    Unfortunately, the colors are not protected against contact with water after painting. It is recommended to store the colors dry and protected from moisture. The finished paintings should not come into contact with water as the colors may smear or smear as they are watercolours.
  • How are the colors shipped?
    Individual colors will be shipped with German Post and a tracking number. Larger sets that are too large to be sent by letter will be sent via DHL with a tracking number.
  • Are the paints acrylic or oil based?
    All colors offered are water-based watercolors. No acrylic or oil paints are offered.
  • Can I mix the colors with acrylic or oil paints?
    Unfortunately, the watercolor paints are not suitable for mixing with acrylic or oil paints.
  • Can I mix the colors with other watercolors?
    Mixing watercolors with each other is possible. There are no limits to your creativity here, including mixing other watercolor paints.
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