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The special properties of VHaquarell colors at a glance

On this page you get all the data and properties about my handmade watercolor paints:

Size and content of the color cups:

The size of 1/2 color vial is: 1.8 cm * 1.5 cm * 1.0 cm in length * width * height.

The content of a 1/2 color cup is 2 ml. The colors are made in such a way that there is still a hill of color above the color cup, so the complete color content of a 1/2 color cup with a hill is 2.2 ml and more.

The weight varies depending on the color and color collection, the ranges here are between 3g and 8g depending on the color type.

In direct comparison, the handmade watercolor paints on VHaquarell thereby offer between 25-50% more content than industrial paints, since the largest possible 1/2 cells are selected and a color mound is made above the color cup, which requires another two to three more layers of paint after the 1/2 color cup is already filled.


In the following picture you can see a handmade watercolor paint cup from VHaquarell (far left in the picture) in direct comparison with two manufacturers of industrially produced watercolor paints.


Ingredients for the handmade watercolors at VHaquarell:

Pigments: Depending on the color collection and color, the colors consist of either a single pigment or several pigments. The pigments of metallic colors and chameleon colors are even approved for cosmetic use and are therefore compatible with the skin. (Whereby I always recommend not to apply the colors on the skin. Attention: Avoid contact of the colors with eyes and mucous membranes).

Binders & Preservatives: In addition to the pigments, I use only natural binders and organic-based preservatives. In this regard, the colors from the Starter, Neon, Honey Colors and Limited Colors collections also use honey as a binder, which makes the colors from these series non-vegan. In contrast, the metallic colors and chameleon colors do not use honey, which makes the colors vegan. There will also be a separate vegan color collection in the future, which will have similar properties to the honey watercolors.


The exact information can be found directly in the description of each color in the store.

Important features for the handmade watercolor paints at VHaquarell:

Lightfastness: The lightfastness of the pigments used is "Good" to "Excellent" throughout all series. I have classified my colors in the individual descriptions as "Good", "Very Good" and "Excellent". I have not included colors that have poor lightfastness.

Transparency: The colors from the collections Metallic Colors and Chameleon Colors are opaque colors, the colors from other collections are transparent or translucent or semi-opaque. The opaque colors can be applied not only on white paper, but are also visible on colored or black paper and cardboard.

Granulating: There are a few isolated colors from the Starter, Honey Watercolor and Limited collections that have granulating properties to very strong granulating.


Good miscibility: All of my handmade watercolor paints mix extremely well together. The transitions are smooth and the color effects wonderful.


Shelf life: Thanks to the organic clove oil as a preservative, the shelf life is very good. The colors are thus very well protected and at the same time environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances.

More detailed information you will find directly in the description of each color in the store.

Other features of handmade watercolor paints from VHaquarell:

Uniqueness: every single color is made by me in an elaborate and loving process. I mix the pigments with binders for each individual color and rub them until they form a symbiosis. Each individual handmade watercolor is a unique result, which arises from this craft.

Exceptional colors: Due to extraordinary pigments, the color series such as neon, chameleon, metallic and honey colors can be made, which are clearly different from conventional watercolor paints due to unique properties. The color and painting experience is much more intense and varied. Completely new effects can be incorporated into the paintings, giving the passion for watercolor an unprecedented breadth and depth of possibilities.

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