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November 2023 - Color magic - Who is Victoria Hilbrecht? - Word mark: VHaquarell - YouTube Videos

Updated: Apr 30

November starts with wonderful autumn weather! I am pleased to welcome you to the current November issue of my little creative blog around the world of VHaquarell. I give you some wonderful insights into the world of handmade watercolors and also about me. In this spirit, I welcome you to the start of November with the following content:

- Welcome to the world of color wizards: your journey with my handmade watercolors

- Behind the Scenes: Who is Victoria Hilbrecht?

- Wordmark: VHaquarell

- Recommendations for late fall

- Artist Highlight - Submissions

- Social Media Activities - YouTube Videos

I hope you have a lot of fun and pleasure reading the blog, as well as painting with the handmade watercolors. Enjoy the wonderful November and use the relaxed time before Christmas for your creativity.

Welcome to the world of color wizards: your journey with my handmade watercolors

Experience the magic of handmade watercolors under the magic of November!

Hello dear artist,

November welcomes us with the magic of change. It is a time when the world wraps itself in warm autumn colors, a celebration of the senses that fills our souls with joy. In this painterly month, I want to take you on a unique journey, a journey to discover the power of color and experience the magic of watercolor painting.

Welcome to the realm of colors! Handmade watercolors await you here, each one unique, created to make your creative dreams come true. Let's take a look at our treasures together:

Honey Watercolors - The Sweetness of Painting: Dive into the wonderful world of honey, where each color brings a sweetness and vibrancy to your art. Experience the warmth of the hues as they gently dance on the paper, telling a story all their own. The complexity of the colors are a delight to your art.

Metallic Watercolors - A Touch of Elegance: Feel the shine and elegance in the metallic colors that add a touch of glamour and finesse to your artwork. Each shade reflects light in a way that makes your art shine.

Neon Watercolors - A play of light and vibrancy: experience the world of vibrancy and play with neon colors. Every stroke, every color becomes an electrifying statement that brings your art to life.

Chameleon Watercolors - The magic of transformation: Dive into the world of chameleon colors, which change their nuances depending on the incidence of light and perspective. Each stroke is an adventure, a journey of transformation and surprise.

Each of these colors carries the essence of creativity in itself and is waiting to be discovered by you. This November I would like to invite you to take the brush in hand, translate your thoughts into colors and embed your soul into each stroke.

It's time to make your artistic dreams come true. Let the colors speak, the brushes dance and your imagination fill the paper.

Are you ready to explore the world of handmade watercolor? Come along on a journey of creative adventure and discover the true magic of color!


Behind the Scenes: Who is Victoria Hilbrecht?

Have you ever wanted to know who exactly is behind VHaquarell? Here I clear up!


I would like to tell you a little bit more about me today. As you probably already know, I was born in 1991 in the Xinjiang region, in the People's Republic of China. I grew up in the Uyghur Autonomous Region and have been making art since my early childhood. In my early youth, even in elementary and middle school days, I regularly published artworks in local newspapers and magazines. As an art enthusiast, I participated in many competitions and won some local prizes.

My style at that time included Chinese calligraphy, Chinese art, manga & comic drawing, and later digital art. My studies were dedicated to interior design and landscape design. To top it all off, I developed my own style of art using alcohol inks that I mixed myself. My great passion has also always been watercolor painting - and since I learned how to mix alcohol inks, making unique, stunning watercolors myself has always been a special attraction for me.

Finally, after finishing my bachelor's degree and taking a year of German classes, November 2014 marked the beginning of my life in the Federal Republic of Germany. I am a very freedom-affine person and wanted to live my own creative dream and found in Germany the best basic conditions for it. I describe myself most as innovative, uncompromising, truthful and invaluable. These four qualities are for me my established brand values, which I also live with VHaquarell, as well as my art.

If you're wondering if I'm still actively making art: Yes, I am. In my spare time I like to pursue my other passion, the alcohol ink works. I don't have any active exhibitions, except the ones where I exhibit permanently, for example at the Hotel 2020 in Cologne or the Beethoven Hotel Dreesen in Bonn, but I am planning more projects digitally for the future. Among other things, I am working on online courses for this special area, to later take you into the world of alcohol inks with me.

By the way, you can find more about me and my art here:


Wordmark: VHaquarell

You've probably already seen it on social media: My wordmark is registered!

It's time to light up the stage and invite you into the world of "VHaquarell" - a place where colors dance and creativity comes to life. As the creator of this colorful journey, it is my pleasure to take you into this artistic cosmos full of possibilities.

"VHaquarell" - this is more than just a name, it is a promise. A promise of quality, creativity and the limitless potential of watercolor painting. The "VH" stands for my name, Victoria Hilbrecht, in combination with "aquarell" (watercolor), my passion.

The trademark application is through and the revocation period has expired, from now on VHaquarell is also a registered word mark and I am happy to be able to give you the promise for the wonderful quality of the handmade watercolors also in the long run.

Here you can see again the logo as a picture, which I like to use next to my simple logo name of VHaquarell:


Recommendations for late fall

You want to use the autumn season to paint and you still lack creative ideas? Here I have a small selection of wonderful sets in the spotlight!

If you are just looking for some wonderful sets, I have a small, charming recommendation for you.

With the Honey Paint Set H12 "Landscape Set" you can paint picturesque landscapes. Here you have everything you need to paint wonderful landscapes and more. Use the autumn season and paint beautiful, colorful pictures on paper. Maybe you have a few motifs from your summer vacation that you would like to immortalize artistically on paper? There are no limits to your imagination.

In addition, I would like to introduce you to the metallic paint set M25, which offers an incredibly large color spectrum of metallic colors with its 20 metallic colors. Here you get your money's worth and can conjure up many breathtaking images on paper!

If you want to make your loved one a big surprise (or for Christmas) feel free to use the online gift cards that are sent by e-mail:

Experience the magic of handmade watercolors and conjure up wonderful works of art on paper!


Artist Highlight - Submissions

Hello my dear artists,

I love to look at your wonderful works, which were created with my handmade watercolors. On Instagram, by e-mail or even on Facebook reach me many incredibly great images that you conjure up on paper. It was always a great desire of mine to create a lively and active community, where an exchange and mutual inspiration takes place. Feel free to continue to send me your artwork, whether by email or Instagram with a tag and in the best case the hashtag #vhaquarell then I and others will find your wonderful pictures.

You can find wonderful examples of this on my website under "Artist Highlights".

Let's continue to make the world more colorful and creative and present our art to the world. :-)


Social Media Activities - YouTube Videos

I am so happy that there are so many wonderful pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube that were created with my handmade watercolors.

Hello my dears,

I am happy to see the growing participation and now over 6,500 subscribers on Instagram - thank you so much for that! I'm also happy to report that my Facebook and YouTube accounts are enjoying growing popularity.

Many lovely people have posted wonderful videos on YouTube using my handmade watercolors, showcasing my paints and painting wonderful pictures with them. This has also resulted in wonderful promotional partnerships that will give you even better insights into the world of handmade watercolor paints. I hope you enjoy the videos which can also be found here:

Please also have a look at my YouTube channel under this link:


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