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November 2022 - Theme: Urban sketch painting with handmade watercolors

Updated: Apr 30

The summer vacation is already over and you could take many photos on the road? Now is the time to paint urban sketches at home with these wonderful templates - with the handmade watercolors you can also paint very nice in a sketchbook. You can find more about this at the bottom of the tutorial!

Introduction - News - Offers:

November is here - Halloween is freshly over, the clocks are set to winter time and the days are abruptly getting shorter. It's a wonderful opportunity to cozy up at home and engage in art and creative activities as the year winds down.

A very special bonus: The first orders received in November will receive a small card painted by me with a lovingly painted motif. I hope that the desire to paint is awakened in you as it is in me at the moment. :-)

A very special announcement I can already make: I am currently working intensively on new, special colors! Including neon colors, chameleon colors and honey colors extra fine - all from special pigments.

The neon colors have a high luminosity and are very dominant to the eye, they attract attention. For decorative or abstract art an absolute added value.

The chameleon colors captivate with their ability to change their color, depending on the angle at which you look at the image. Especially for lettering creates a wonderful, colorful effect.

The special thing about the honey colors extra fine is the property that they have a very fine and very smooth flow, there is almost no structure and the grain is extremely fine.

For November I offer you wonderful deals:

- From now on there is free shipping on orders from 59,00€ within Germany!

- In addition, the colors from the starter collection, as well as a few selected metallic sets have a discount.

- For a short time, there are the sample surprise sets in a limited number, perfect to convince you of the different colors and test them!

So you don't miss anything:

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Product highlight of the month - The Honey Color Set H1:

The Honey Colors Set H1 impresses with its wide color palette, which is suitable for landscapes, animals, buildings, urban sketches and more. The set with its 12 carefully selected colors in a small, elegant black box is great for getting started with honey colors. A small all-rounder for a solid color palette!

For more information about the honey color set H1 just click on the picture above.

Artist highlights of the month

These wonderful pictures has painted the dear artist Tatjana @farbenblumenmalen on Instagram with my handmade, metallic watercolors. We see a wonderful lettering work, as well as a loving, autumnal image with a wonderful butterfly motif.

This idyllic picture by dear artist Jennifer @jenlen_is_drawing makes us miss the summer abruptly again. A feeling of sun and sea in Italy catches us up with this beautiful, Italian architecture. My handmade watercolors come out charming.

These pictures from the dear artist Steffi @stamphanie make us already in the mood for autumn. Elegant lettering with my handmade watercolors and sweet little flowers painted with the honey watercolors. So Halloween and autumn are even more fun!

Tutorial: Create urban sketches

The picture below was painted with my handmade watercolor paints from the "Starter" collection. Below I show you how I painted the pictures step by step.

The Starter Series handmade watercolor paints are matte, very natural from the pigments, dry quickly and are great for on the go or to paint on matte papers.

Let's get started! Here we start painting with the watercolors.

1) Paint the sky and the buildings with blue colors

The colors for the sky were mixed with VH4001 True Blue and VH4005 Ultramarine Blue together with a lot of water. Here always applies, first little color and much water to set bright contrasts and later more color portion to become darker. I use more water to paint the buildings, then I wait until the colors are dry.

2) Continue painting the buildings with purple colors

The shading of the buildings was painted with VH3005 Ultraviolet and with a lot of water. The right balance between very little color and a lot of water allows light accents to be set and the shading to be applied very subtly.

3) Paint the bottom with brown and black colors.

First I painted the bottom with VH7004 Fawn and a lot of water, then I painted over it again with VH7004 Fawn and a little water to add darker, stronger accents. After that, I used a bit of VH8002 Oxide Black to draw in details and highlight them a bit.

4) Paint the plants with green and blue colors

For the plant colors, I used VH5003 True Green, VH5006 Russian Green and VH4005 Ultramarine Blue and mixed them together in some places. With the help of individual stippling, more details can be conjured up on the paper. Our picture now already gets some color and thus life!

5) Paint the flowers with pink colors

First I used VH3001 Magenta to color the flowers brightly and then I used VH3002 Bordeaux Red to set stronger accents by dotting. This makes the roses look magical and rich in contrast.

6) The end

Lastly, more small, fine details are drawn in with VH4009 permanent blue violet and with lots of water to give the image the final touch and then we are at the end. :)

To paint urban sketches on the go, Starter watercolors are great. The colors dry quickly and they also look very natural at the same time. Here is a maximum pleasure guaranteed no matter whether beginner, hobby painter or professional. :)

Final word: So that you do not have to search for the colors used here, I have set you directly the appropriate selection. I hope I could inspire you and awaken the inner desire for a little more creativity in your life! Have fun browsing. :)


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