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May 2023: Experience the Joy of Painting - YouTube Videos - New Colors - Discover the Spring Set!

Updated: Apr 30

For the month of May I have some wonderful news for you and I am happy to welcome you to my blog today. In this blog you can expect the following topics:

- The Joy of Painting: How handmade watercolor awakens our passion

- YouTube videos with lots and lots of great content

- New colors shine in an even higher quality with more content

- Discover the brand new handmade metallic colors

- Posts and content are now offered in multiple languages

- Rating system - thank you for your intensive participation

- Affiliate program - become a partner at VHaquarell

- Artist Highlights

I wish you a lot of pleasure, beautiful, warm and sunny May days and have fun painting - even outdoors.

The Joy of Painting: How handmade watercolor awakens our passion

The magic of handmade watercolors: How they awaken the passion within us

Do you know the feeling when you dip a brush into handmade watercolor paint and paint with it on paper? The colors flow effortlessly across the paper, blending into fascinating nuances and creating a true masterpiece. Handmade watercolors have a unique magic that awakens the passion within us and transports us into a world of creative possibilities. In this blog post, I want to tell you why handmade watercolors are so special and how they ignite the artistic passion in all of us.

The magic of handmade watercolor paints: Handmade watercolor paints are unique in their texture and composition. Each color is mixed and shaped by hand to ensure high quality and intensity. I, as the artist who makes these paints, put my entire heart and soul into every drop of paint and every color mixture, and you can feel it when you paint. The colors are vibrant, diverse and full of character. They have a depth and transparency that digital colors cannot offer. Handmade watercolors allow artists to play with light and shadow, mix nuances, and develop their own artistic signature. The various color series, from honey colors to metallic colors to chameleon colors, offer an almost infinite variety of creative possibilities and modes of expression.

The freedom of creative expression: Handmade watercolor paints offer artists the freedom to fully live out their creative passion. With these paints, you can create your own world and let your imagination run wild. You can paint abstract artwork, realistic landscapes, letterings, cards, portraits, still lifes and more - the possibilities are endless. Handmade watercolors inspire artists to try new techniques, experiment with colors and develop their own style. They allow you to express feelings and emotions in color and create unique works of art that tell a very personal story.

The importance of passion in art: passion is an important component in art. It is the source of creativity, expression and innovation. Handmade watercolors awaken the passion within us because they are not only a tool, but also a source of inspiration. When painting with handmade watercolors, we can lose ourselves in a creative flow where time and space no longer matter. We become one with our colors and let ourselves be carried away by the magic of the creative process. The passion for art and the joy of being creative are reflected in every brush stroke and every color.

Handmade watercolors are more than just colors on paper. They are a source of inspiration, creative expression and passion. With their unique magic, they can awaken the artistic passion in all of us and take us into a world of creative possibilities. When painting with handmade watercolors, we can lose ourselves in a creative flow and develop our own artistic signature. Let yourself be enchanted by the fascination of handmade watercolors and discover the freedom and joy they can spark in art.

Feel and experience how craftsmanship and art merge.


YouTube videos with lots of great content

Wonderful News: I'll be posting regular videos on YouTube to give you more behind-the-scenes insights about my handmade watercolors. There are already a little more than a handful of videos you can watch now. You'll get deep behind-the-scenes looks at how the handmade watercolors find their way into your watercolor paintbox. There are videos that show the complete process of making the handmade watercolor paints, from mixing, to filling the paint cups, to labeling, to lovingly packing. For each batch of color, I will make you some color dots that will serve directly as color samples. I look forward to your visit to my channel and hope that we can make the world with our passion for watercolor painting and our creativity every day a step more colorful.


New colors shine in an even higher quality with more content

Handmade watercolor paints in new splendor: Increased quality and more content for an even more intense painting experience.

Improved recipes for higher quality and more intense watercolor experience: Thanks to the new recipes I use for the new colors, the color and painting experience could be increased again. The newest colors have an even more intense effect and are even further improved in their watercolor properties. The colors flow even more gently and delicately and the feeling of painting on paper becomes all the more magical.

More content for even more creative possibilities: In my new handmade watercolor paints there is not only more quality, but also more content. Thanks to additional layers of color in the individual color pellets, you get more color mass per color. This means that you will have even more creative possibilities to design your artwork. Thanks to the larger color content, you can paint more generously and freely, apply more layers and achieve fascinating effects. Whether it's fine details or large-scale backgrounds, with the increased contents in my handmade watercolors, there are no limits to your creativity.

The new handmade watercolor paints with improved recipes and more content offer you an even more intense painting experience. In the future I will continue to offer you the best handmade watercolors for a more intense painting experience.


Discover the brand new handmade metallic colors

If you already follow me on Instagram, you have probably already discovered the announcements of the new metallic colors in my Stories. It is now so far and the brand new, handmade metallic colors are now online and available! In total, there are four new metallic colors. They have as announced in the post above already more content, thanks to multiple layers. The total 7-color layers make for a very rich content and the optimized recipe gives you a very intense and colorful painting experience for these colors.

Look for yourself and discover the new metallic colors here:


Posts and content are now offered in multiple languages

On my website I have now gradually translated in addition to the German language also the content in English, as well as in Chinese, my mother tongue :-).

I am pleased that internationally more and more people are interested in my handmade watercolors and want to break down the barriers through the multilingual content, so that everyone gets access to the content and information. It is wonderful to see how our community is growing in other countries and the interest for the handmade watercolors is on the rise.

Little by little I will also translate my blog posts and more into the two languages and maybe even more languages in the future, we will see where the journey with VHaquarell still goes.


Rating system - thank you for your intensive participation

I announced it last time and you have already used it very diligently: The rating system. At this point a big and heartfelt THANK YOU that you have left so joyful and much your feedback. I was very happy about all the feedback and you contribute to offer other dear people a wonderful and genuine insight into the world of handmade watercolors. Your wonderful reviews allow us to expand our passion even further. It is a huge motivation for me to put even more diligence and innovation into VHaquarell when I see how much joy handmade watercolors bring you and how much I move your world of creativity. It is my greatest personal goal to be able to offer you a magical added value.


Affiliate program - become a partner at VHaquarell

I'm excited to tell you about the new affiliate program! If you are a passionate blogger, YouTuber or creative and are interested in creative content around the topic of watercolor painting and report about it and at the same time share my passion for my handmade watercolors, you are welcome to join my affiliate program! Together we can grow our community and the creative experiences that the world of handmade watercolor holds.

Become an affiliate partner with VHaquarell and benefit your channels with the following incentives:

- Get insight and content into the world of handmade watercolors. I'll be available to you with stories, information, picture and video footage, as well as the latest handmade watercolor paints.

- Meet a loving and creative community that is passionate about your creative content and always looking for wonderful templates, ideas and more.

- Through the high quality of the handmade watercolor paints and my very close customer service in direct contact and exchange with the lovely people, you will build confidence for yourself and your channel thanks to handmade watercolor paints that offer real added value.

- Get involved in every sale through your affiliate link and use your channel and reach to monetize for your creative work.

Follow this link to learn more about VHaquarell's affiliate partner program:


Artist Highlights

I always burn with anticipation to present you your painted works of art, which are partly or completely created with my handmade watercolors. As always, a selection of wonderful artists who have created impressive images awaits you here. The artists are always named in the bottom left of the picture - under these names you can find them in Instagram and also examine many other wonderful images.

It is always a special and personal concern to me to awaken the desire to paint and the emotions in the creation of art with my handmade watercolors and I am very happy about the wonderful community we have created. The art and your creativity make all our lives more colorful and it is a very great pleasure for me to contribute to your remarkable success and progress with my handmade watercolors.

Now I wish you much joy with the following gallery, you can also find the pictures on my main page under the following link:


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