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March 2023: The new honey watercolor sets are here! The idea of VHaquarell. Artist Highlights.

Updated: Apr 30

Today I want to introduce you to the new handmade honey watercolor sets I've been working on for the past few weeks. There is a wonderful color selection and the new designs show you the individual colors directly in the preview. Today I would like to introduce you to the idea behind VHaquarell. I wish you a lot of fun with the many artist highlights from the wonderful submissions from you and your pictures that were created with my handmade watercolors.

I wish you a lot of fun and a wonderful beginning of spring!

The new handmade honey watercolor sets

I am pleased to introduce you to the wonderful new handmade honey watercolor sets! The color sets have their own themes and the color combinations are carefully matched. Thanks to the new design on my website you have the opportunity to get a wonderful impression of the content of the colors, thanks to the preview. With the new theme sets I follow your wish for a more specific and wide color selection, for even more joy in painting and a larger color palette, for your creativity!

Now I hope you enjoy looking at the new handmade honey watercolor sets:

The idea behind VHaquarell

I would like to use this post to tell you about the idea behind VHaquarell and to clarify the questions: Why does this site exist? Why are handmade watercolors made? What are the differences?

I will start with the idea behind VHaquarell. As an artist, creating art and culture is very important to me. I like the intelligence and expression that is behind art, the abstract views that express existing or experienced, new and different. The colors are an important component and the craft of handmade watercolors transports and expands the feeling in the creative process. In short, the love for the craft for the handmade colors also expresses itself to the love for art and our creativity. I am happy if I can transport these emotions and feelings, coupled with the high and fine quality of each color, to offer you a new feeling and experience to express your creativity.

A few quotes from me that drive creating with VHaquarell and tell the meaning behind my work:

"Experience the magic of 100% handmade watercolors and conjure up wonderful works on paper."
"Feel craft and art merge as you take your art to a new level with fine and loving handmade watercolors."
"Experience the joy of developing a passion in a community that you can share with others. Handmade watercolors connect you and your creativity!"

The experience of creating something together and expressing our creativity as we have never expressed it before, characterized by passion, elegance, mindfulness - that is the task I have set myself with VHaquarell and the offer of handmade watercolors.

The handmade watercolor paints achieve this, thanks to the loving, detailed production, the highly pigmented colors and the expertise that lies in the selection and handling of binders.

What makes the handmade watercolor paints special, moreover, is the wide selection of unusual and special colors, the lovingly coordinated and themed color sets, the wide selection of shades that goes beyond the classic and the special characteristics that each color collection brings with it. The starter colors as well as the honey watercolors, the neon colors, the metallic colors, the chameleon colors or the limited editions - each collection offers unique features that give you all the possibilities to express your creativity the way you want to. Artistic freedom is created for you where we break down the boundaries of the conventional and make room for more and new!

Artist Highlights

I always burn with anticipation to present you your painted works of art, which are partly or completely created with my handmade watercolors. As always, a selection of wonderful artists who have created impressive images awaits you here. The artists are always named in the bottom left of the picture - under these names you can find them in Instagram and also examine many other wonderful images.

It is always a special and personal concern to me to awaken the desire to paint and the emotions in the creation of art with my handmade watercolors and I am very happy about the wonderful community we have created. The art and your creativity make all our lives more colorful and it is a very great pleasure for me to contribute to your remarkable success and progress with my handmade watercolors.

Now I wish you much joy with the following gallery, you can also find the pictures on my main page under the following link:


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