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June 2023: Experience a creative summer - YouTube Videos - Color Properties - Summer Set

Updated: Apr 30

For the month of June I have again some wonderful news for you and am happy to welcome you to my blog today. The following topics await you in this blog:

- Experience a creative summer

- The summer set

- New YouTube videos with lots of great content

- New category: color properties

- Artist Highlights

I wish you a lot of fun, beautiful, warm and sunny May days and a lot of fun painting - also outdoors.

Experience a creative summer

A colorful summer with the handmade watercolors from VHaquarell

Summertime is the perfect season to get inspired by nature and express your creativity. And what could be more fitting than painting with handmade watercolors? These enchanting colors will bring your artwork to life and capture the warm and vibrant atmosphere of summer.

Imagine using gentle brush strokes to capture the sky in a vibrant blue, reflecting the golden rays of the sun on the grass, and making the colorful blooms of summer flowers glow. The versatility of handmade watercolors allows you to capture the vibrant, rich colors of summer in all their hues.

Whether you paint outside in nature or in your cozy studio, painting with handmade watercolors promises a unique experience. The colors mix on the paper to beautiful gradients and create fascinating effects. You can playfully experiment and try new techniques to reflect the vibrant energy of summer in your work.

With the handmade watercolors you can set your personal artistic signature. Each brushstroke tells a story and adds a unique touch to your work. Create artful landscapes, enchanting still lifes or captivating portraits - the possibilities are endless.

Summer is the time to celebrate life in all its colors, and handmade watercolors are your creative companion on this journey. Dive into the world of colors, get inspired by the summer atmosphere and paint your own stories on paper.

So grab your watercolors, a brush and let your creativity run wild. Feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin, listen to the chirping of the birds and paint summer in all its glory. It's time to swing your brush and capture the summer with handmade watercolors. Let your works shine and share the beauty of summer with the world!

Enjoy summer with your passion for art and handmade watercolors. It's the perfect combination to unleash your creativity and paint your personal summer story. Bring summer to life on paper and inspire others with your unique artwork.


The summer set

Just in time for the start of summer I have put together a wonderful summer set that fulfills all wishes for wonderful summer pictures. With this summer set you have a wonderful selection of handmade watercolors and can enjoy the summer creatively!

Take a look at the extensive handmade watercolor set with 12 honey watercolors - the summer set H10.


New YouTube videos with lots of great content

Many of you have already followed the wonderful creation story of handmade watercolors from me on YouTube. In the meantime, I have again created and uploaded some very exciting videos. Here you can see the many steps of making handmade watercolors and the wonderful interplay of crafts and art. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel regularly and enjoy the relaxing images that come with making them.

Feel free to drop by once under this link:

Do you already know the wonderful video of the dear Creative Cat?

Here you see what you can conjure up wonderful with the handmade watercolor paints from VHaquarell on paper!

You can find the video here:


New category: color properties

In the new rubik color properties you will learn everything about the special properties of the handmade watercolor paints. An excerpt from the rubric attached, which is about the size and content of the color pots. I wish you much pleasure.

Size and content of the color pots:

The size of the 1/2 color cups is: 1.8 cm * 1.5 cm * 1.0 cm in length * width * height.

The content of a 1/2 color cup is 2 ml. The colors are made in such a way that there is still a hill of color above the color cup, so the complete color content of a 1/2 color cup with a hill is 2.2 ml and more.

The weight varies depending on the color and color collection, the ranges here are between 3g and 8g depending on the color type.

In direct comparison, the handmade watercolor paints on VHaquarell thereby offer between 25-50% more content than industrial paints, since the largest possible 1/2 cells are selected and a color mound is made above the color cup, which requires another two to three more layers of paint after the 1/2 color cup is already filled.

In the following picture you can see a handmade watercolor paint cup from VHaquarell (far left in the picture) in direct comparison with two manufacturers of industrially produced watercolor paints.

Under the link you will find the new section where you can get full information and learn even more about the handmade watercolors:


Artist Highlights

I always burn with anticipation to present you your painted works of art, which are partly or completely created with my handmade watercolors. The works can be found in the future exclusively in the eponymous category Artist Highlights, to which I link here. The artists are always named in the bottom left of the picture - under these names you can find them in Instagram and also examine many other wonderful images.

It is always a special and personal concern to me to awaken the desire to paint and the emotions in the creation of art with my handmade watercolors and I am very happy about the wonderful community we have created. The art and your creativity make all our lives more colorful and it is a very great pleasure for me to contribute to your remarkable success and progress with my handmade watercolors.

Now I wish you much joy with the following gallery at the following link:


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