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July 2023: New handmade Metallic Colors - 50s sample set - More Color Content - More YouTube Content

Updated: Apr 30

For the summer month of July I have again some wonderful news that I would like to share with you and am happy to welcome you to my blog today. In this blog you can expect the following topics:

- Summer invites creativity

- New metallic colors complement the range

- The 50-color sample set is here!

- All honey and metallic colors now have even more color content

- YouTube content

I wish you a lot of pleasure, a stunning high summer and a lot of fun painting - even outdoors.

Summer invites creativity

A creative summer with handmade watercolors: Colorful works of art to bloom

Summer is the time of sun, flowers and boundless creativity. In this blog post I would like to take you on a painterly journey and show you how you can bring summer to life with handmade watercolors in beautiful works of art. Dive into the world of color and let your artistic inspiration bloom!

Summer is a source of endless inspiration. The bright flowers, lush green grass, and bright blue skies offer a wealth of subjects worth capturing on paper. Be inspired by the nature around you and capture the unique atmosphere of summer with your handmade watercolors.

Grab your brushes and dip them into the vibrant colors of your handmade watercolors. Let the colors explode on your paper and create dynamic compositions that reflect the energy of summer. Experiment with gradients, blending and different techniques to add depth and vibrancy to your artwork.

Summer brings with it an abundance of color. From bright yellows to soft pinks to bold turquoise, the summer palette is rich and varied. Explore the nuances of your handmade watercolors and find out which colors best capture the mood and spirit of summer. Play with contrasts and harmonious color combinations to create unique works of art.

Explore the color series of handmade watercolors, whether honey watercolors, metallic colors, neon colors or chameleon colors: Each color series has its own priceless color properties. Use the entire color palette and capture the colors of summer and conjure up unique images on paper!

Summer is the perfect time to live out your creative freedom. Leave the rules behind and experiment with unconventional techniques and forms of expression. Splash water on your paper, use the incomparable honey watercolors or work with metallic colors to add highlights. Use summer as a time of playful discovery and joy in the creative process.

Summer is a time to flourish and be creative. Use your handmade watercolors to capture summer on paper and be inspired by the beauty of this season. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, summer offers a wealth of opportunities to continue your artistic journey. Open your senses to the colors and textures of summer and let your handmade watercolors become your tool of creative freedom. Enjoy the summer and paint the world in the most beautiful handmade watercolors!


New metallic colors complement the range

Shiny news: Discover the new metallic colors for creative masterpieces!

I'm happy to make an exciting announcement to you! My brand new metallic colors are now available to add stunning shine and metallic elegance to your artwork. Dive into a world of shimmer and discover how these mesmerizing colors can make your creative masterpieces shine.

My large metallic colors collection offers a wide range of shades and tones to set no limits to your creativity. Whether you're looking for a warm gold tone, a cool silver, or an intense bronze hue, you'll find the perfect metallic paint for your artwork with me. The high quality pigments provide intense color rendition and a lasting metallic shine.

I can't wait to see what shiny works of art you'll create with my new metallic paints! Dive into the world of shimmer and elegance and let your creativity run wild. Take a look at the online store and discover the magic of my new metallic colors. Give your artwork a touch of luxury and make the shine!

Here you will find a small preview of the new metallic colors (in total there are almost 20 pieces!):


The 50-color sample set is here!

Discover the entire color variety: New 50er sample set of handmade watercolor paints

I am happy to present you something wonderful! From now on I offer a brand new 50er sample set of my handmade watercolors for the color series Honigaquarellfarben and metallic colors. Dive into a world of colors and discover the variety of my handmade watercolor paints in a handy trial set. In this blog post, I want to introduce you to the two sets and inspire you to start your creative journey with my watercolors.

The 50 color sample set is perfect for getting to know the range of my handmade watercolors. From vibrant primary colors to soft pastels and deep, earthy hues, the set offers a diverse selection of colors to spark your artistic creativity. Each color sample allows you to experience the texture, color application and blendability of my handmade watercolors.

My new 50 color swatch set invites you to explore the world of handmade watercolor and begin your creative journey. Dive into a sea of color and discover the diversity and beauty of watercolor painting. Visit my online store to order the set and start your artistic journey. I look forward to bringing your works to life with my handmade watercolors!


All honey and metallic colors now have even more color content

More color, more creativity: my handmade honey and metallic watercolors with increased color content.

Not yet enough wonderful info, I'm excited to share another exciting news with you! As of now, my handmade honey and metallic watercolors have increased color content. Thanks to the completely filled color pots and the large color mound, the handmade colors of both the Honey Colors and Metallic Colors series now have maximum color content! Dive into the world of vibrant colors and experience even more possibilities to bring your creative ideas to life.

And to support you in your creative projects with my handmade watercolors, I offer inspiration and useful application tips. Discover stunning artworks created with my handmade watercolors under Artist Highlights and get inspired by other artists' techniques.

Under this link you will find the new section where you can get full information and learn even more about handmade watercolor paints:


YouTube content

Have you already discovered the YouTube channel of VHaquarell? Here you can see the many steps of making handmade watercolors and the wonderful interplay of crafts and art. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel regularly and enjoy the relaxing pictures that during the making.

Feel free to check it out at this link:


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