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January 2024 - Start of the new year - Review of the year - YouTube partners - News for 2024

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to the new year! I hope you enjoyed the festive season to the full and have started the new year in good health. January holds many wonderful opportunities for us to express ourselves with our creativity. Let's make the most of the winter season and indulge in the magic of watercolor painting. In this blog, I will tell you about the following topics:

- The start of the new year with magical, handmade watercolors

- A summary of the year 2023

- New for 2024 - small business rule and website

- VHaquarell on social media for even more inspiration

- Artist highlight - submissions

- Social media activities - YouTube videos

I wish you lots of fun in the new, still very young year. Enjoy the rest of the winter season and take your creativity to the next level. In this blog post, let's discover together the magic of handmade watercolors, the beauty that lies in every brushstroke and the boundless creativity that awaits us in January. Dive into the world of color with me and discover how handmade watercolors can enrich our artistic creations in the first month of the new year!

The start of the new year with magical, handmade watercolors

The magic of handmade watercolors: A journey through creativity and inspiration

Dear art lovers and creative souls,

A new year has begun, and with January comes the fascinating opportunity to begin our artistic journey with the magic of handmade watercolors. In the midst of the frosty season, January opens up a kaleidoscope of inspiration to fill our paper with life and explore the world of art.

The handmade watercolors I so passionately create for you hold a unique magic. They are not just pigments on paper; they are an expression of emotion, creativity and a constant pursuit of aesthetics.

January, a month of new beginnings and renewal, offers us the opportunity to explore the limits of our artistic abilities. It is a time when the delicate power of color illuminates the winter landscape and invites us to create our own worlds.

Amazing opportunities for self-expression await us this month. It's a time to experiment with innovative techniques, discover new color combinations and let our imaginations run wild. January's colors are as diverse as our dreams - from soft pastels to vibrant hues.

Let's dive into the world of handmade colors together, swing our brushes and fill our watercolor paper with our dreams and thoughts. Every brushstroke tells a story, every mixture of colors adds a new dimension to our expression.

Let's embark on this journey together and light up the world of art in 2024!

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A summary of the year 2023

A look back at 2023: A year full of growth and creativity at VHaquarell

Dear friends of VHaquarell,

With a warm look back at the past year, today we would like to look back together on the events and successes that have accompanied us this year. 2023 was a year full of growth, creativity and unforgettable moments for me at VHaquarell.

I started this year with a clear goal in mind: to share my passion for handmade watercolors and the watercolor art behind them with the world. With humility and enthusiasm, I can say that I have not only achieved this goal, but exceeded it!

One of the centerpieces of our collective success this year has been the incredible support of over 1,000 new customers who have joined our VHaquarell family. Each of you not only discovered my handmade colors, but also shared some of your creativity and inspiration with all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support!

Another highlight was the valuable partnership with my YouTube affiliate partners. With their passion and support, we were able to expand the reach and introduce even more people to the world of watercolor art. I really appreciate the partnership and collaboration with you guys!

The popularity of handmade paints has been both a positive surprise and a challenge. The high demand meant that some of the watercolors were almost sold out and I had to keep making new batches. Your enthusiasm for my products is my motivation and I am grateful for your patience and loyalty.

I look back on the past year with gratitude and pride and look forward to the exciting adventures that await us in the coming year. A huge thank you to our loyal VHaquarell community for your support and commitment! I feel all the more reassured that I have completed the relevant trademark applications to continue the VHaquarell brand in all its quality. The next, larger productions are already in full swing. :-)

Let's toast together to another year full of creativity, colorfulness and beautiful works of art. I look forward to accompanying you on our artistic journey again next year!


New for 2024 - small business rule and website

New paths, new opportunities: Changes at VHaquarell in 2024

With the start of the new year, I would like to inform you about some changes at VHaquarell that will affect our journey and our path.

From now on, I will no longer be a small business owner, which means that the small business rule under tax law will no longer apply. This means that all watercolors are now subject to sales tax. This is an inevitable development, but it will make me even more professional and ambitious to continue to offer you wonderful, high-quality watercolors.

This change also gives me the opportunity to focus more attention on my own website. Despite the wonderful time on the Etsy platform, I have decided to focus more on my own website. This will allow me to expand our product range, create a personalized and wonderful customer experience and support you even better.

I am confident that these changes will give us the opportunity to continue to grow, improve the offering and continue to bring you quality handmade color and creativity.

I am eternally grateful for your continued support, understanding and loyalty throughout these changes. I look forward to continuing to accompany you on our journey through the world of art and color.

I warmly welcome 2024 and look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead!


VHaquarell on social media for even more inspiration

Dive into the world of watercolor painting: Introducing more YouTube affiliate partners

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special group of lovely artists who bring the fascinating world of watercolor painting to life with their inspiring videos on YouTube. These talented affiliates are not only creative minds, but also enthusiastic supporters of my handmade watercolors. Their videos offer a magical insight into the possibilities and beauty of watercolor art, and I am delighted to introduce them as affiliate partners at VHaquarell!

I am overwhelmed by the creativity and dedication of these lovely YouTubers. Their videos are not only educational, but also a source of inspiration for anyone interested in watercolor painting. It is a great pleasure to have them as part of the VHaquarell family.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the world of watercolor painting? Be sure to visit the channels of the lovely YouTube partners to watch their fascinating videos and learn more about using my handmade watercolors. I'm sure you'll be just as enthusiastic as I am!

Be inspired by their creativity and immerse yourself in the magical world of watercolor painting! In the next issue, I'll introduce you to some more wonderful YouTubers. :-)


Artist highlight - submissions

Hello my dear artists,

I love looking at your wonderful works created with my handmade watercolors. On Instagram, by email or on Facebook, I receive many incredibly great pictures that you conjure up on paper. It has always been a great wish of mine to create a lively and active community where we can exchange ideas and inspire each other.

You are welcome to continue sending me your works of art, whether by email or Instagram with a tag and, ideally, the hashtag #vhaquarell so that I and others can find your wonderful pictures.

You can find wonderful examples on my website under "Artist Highlights".

Let's continue to make the world more colorful and creative and present our art to the world. :-)


Social media activities - YouTube videos

I am very happy that there are so many wonderful pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube that were created with my handmade watercolors.

Hello my dears,

I am delighted with the growing participation and now over 7,400 subscribers on Instagram - thank you so much! I am also delighted that my Facebook and YouTube accounts are growing in popularity.

Many lovely people have published wonderful videos with my handmade watercolors on YouTube, introduced my colors and painted wonderful pictures with them.

This has also resulted in wonderful advertising partnerships, giving you even better insights into the world of handmade watercolors. I hope you enjoy the videos, which you can also find here:

You can also check out my YouTube channel at this link:


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