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January 2023: Best Sellers, New Colors and Artist Highlights

Updated: Apr 30

Hello everyone, happy new year to you!

We had a wonderful and happy Christmas time together with lots of creativity and I was so happy that you are so sweet and painted so many great pictures with my colors.

Many colors are almost sold out and I have again started a new fabrication to replenish the selection. At the same time I am also making chameleon colors. You have probably already discovered them on my Instagram account, such as in the Stories. There I show you regular progress updates, how it's going. Soon I can present them to you online in my store, look forward to it!


Artist Highlights - Artworks created with my handmade watercolors, an overview of wonderful artists:

I'm always so excited to see the wonderful images you guys conjure up on paper. Here is a wonderful selection of pictures from the month of December. So many winter and Christmas pictures have come together. I hope you had a contemplative Christmas season and could use it creatively.

I am already looking forward to the new year full of anticipation to present you soon an even larger selection of wonderful colors. For this I am currently working very intensively and diligently with great attention to detail. Until then, I wish you a wonderful start into January and into the year 2023!

Your Victoria


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