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Handmade watercolors - the metallic set with 64 colors

Updated: Apr 30

A watercolor paint set with 64metallic colors for your art and creativity in your spare time!

Hello dear amateur artists and painters,

Summer is over, but the memories are still present - what better time than now to paint some impressive pictures, like about your summer vacation? This is the perfect time to try handmade metallic watercolor paints!

The metallic watercolors give your paintings an extraordinary charm - here you will find your watercolor paint set with 64 metallic colors for your special color experience!

In this set you get a total of 64 different metallic watercolor paints in half pans.

100% handmade - 100% attention to detail - 100% color experience.

All colors in my store were handmade by me with a lot of time and patience. I use glitter pigments, gum arabic as a binder, and clove oil as a preservative, so that the colors are longer lasting.

The glittering pigments can bring wonderful color effects on paper and give your art a unique effect. Let your colorful creativity run wild!

"Make your life more colorful and let yourself and your art shine in an eventful glow!"

The metallic colors are well suited to paint on various types of paper. The colors are opaque. You can paint with it even on dark paper, under the light the colors are highly glossy! Ideally suited for calligraphy and painting!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Currently, handmade, natural, starter watercolor paints are also available in my store. Discover the great selection of almost 60 colors!

I look forward to announcing when completely new color themes become available, such as neon colors, chameleon colors or honey watercolors. Be curious what surprises the store has in store for you in the future!


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