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Handmade watercolor paints - the starter set with 49 colors

Updated: Apr 30

A watercolor paint set with 49 colors for your great start!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Hello dear amateur artists and painters,

now is the time to paint! Do you already have great desire to experience a unique color experience through handmade watercolors?

Whether you've painted with watercolors before or want to get started, here's a watercolor set of 49 colors to get you started!

In this set you get a total of 49 different watercolor paints in half pans.

100% handmade with natural ingredients

All colors in my store were handmade by me with a lot of time and patience. I use natural pigments, gum arabic, a little honey and organic glycerin as a binder, and clove oil as a preservative, so that the colors are longer lasting.

The starter colors are perfect to start painting right away! Live out your creativity and conjure up great works of art on paper. The colors are natural, non-opaque, matte, soft and powerful at the same time. For the best possible color experience, please paint on light-colored papers, such as watercolor paper or drawing paper.

Currently, handmade metallic watercolor paints are also available in my store, discover more than 50 colors now!


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