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February 2024 - Creative color poetry in the winter magic season - VHart online courses - YouTube partners - Valentine's magic - Artist Highlights - Social Media

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to February, a time when the winter winds send their cold breeze through the air and wrap the world in a veil of blue and white. In watercolor art, the choice of colors plays an important role, and February offers a unique palette to convey emotion and atmosphere. Let's make the most of the winter season and indulge in the magic of watercolor painting. In this blog, I will tell you about the following topics:

- Creative color poetry in February: Watercolor painting in the magical winter season

- Creativity without limits: Discover the VHart courses online! Alcohol ink art - brand new

- Collaboration with Diane Antone

- VHaquarell in Mellismoments

- 💖🎨 Valentine's magic with VHaquarell: Handmade colors for love! 🎨💖

- Artist Highlight - Submissions

- Social media activities - YouTube videos

I wish you lots of fun in the new, still very young year. Enjoy the rest of the winter season and take your creativity to the next level. In this blog post, let's discover together the magic of handmade watercolors, the beauty that lies in every brushstroke and the boundless creativity that awaits us in January. Dive into the world of color with me and discover how handmade watercolors can enrich our artistic creations in the first month of the new year!

 Creative color poetry in February: Watercolor painting in the magical winter season

Blue, the color of stillness and reflection: The deep tone of winter is often represented by blue. In watercolor painting, blue can create a calm and contemplative mood. Experiment with different shades of blue, from calming sky blue to deep indigo, to capture the coolness of February. Create frosty landscapes or abstract works that reflect the stillness of winter.

White, the color of purity and innocence: White brings purity and innocence to art. In February, when snow covers the earth, white can serve as a central element for watercolor paintings. Create soft snowy landscapes or play with the contrasts of white on a dark background to emphasize the beauty of winter stillness.

Together: The mixture of blue and white: The combination of blue and white creates a powerful harmony. Try to explore the interplay of these colors in your watercolors to capture the cold elegance of February. Create abstract compositions or paint delicate winter flowers that stand out boldly against the clear sky.

February is a time of pause and calm, and these colors offer the opportunity to capture that atmosphere in watercolor art. Immerse yourself in the symbolism of blue and white, experiment with different techniques and let your paintings tell the story of wintry February. The canvas is your world, and the colors are your words to sing the melody of February in watercolor.


Creativity without limits: Discover the VHart courses online! Alcohol ink art - brand new

Welcome to VHart, where creativity knows no bounds! My online courses are now available and I have some exciting news for you. Here at VHart we believe in a world where everyone has the freedom to develop their artistic skills - no time limit, no subscription.

Courses without limits

My courses range from fascinating alcohol ink techniques to the magical world of digital magic. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, my courses are accessible to all and offer a wealth of creative content waiting for you to discover.

No time pressure, no subscription

I understand that time is a valuable commodity. That's why my courses offer the freedom of self-learning. No time limit, no subscription - you set your own pace to get the most out of each lesson.

Creativity for everyone

My courses are designed to push everyone's creative boundaries. Whether you want to focus on perfecting a technique or are looking for new inspiration, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at VHart.

Your artistic journey starts here!

Ready for your artistic journey without limits? Visit VHart today and discover how VHart opens the doors to a world of creative possibilities. Dive in, learn, experiment and become part of my vibrant community of artists. Your artistic journey starts here and now - take the first step at

(Please note: The courses are right now only available in German language. Feel free to subscribe on the website to get updated, if it is available in English language, too!)


Collaboration with Diane Antone

Today I present to you the wonderful Diane Antone, owner of the YouTube channel Diane Antone Studio, where she regularly enriches her community with wonderful creative content

The artist Diane Antone was born in London and spent her early childhood in the post-war period. Her love of nature developed when the family moved to the countryside. Despite many jobs and places of residence, watercolor painting remained a constant hobby. As a "self-taught" artist, she drew her knowledge from books and occasional courses. Influenced by various painters and authors, including David Bellamy and Hazel Soan, she developed a preference for strong contrasts and bold colors. Diane does not consider herself an Artist with a capital "A", but rather a Crafter or a Creator of Things.

The journey includes marriage, children, starting a tutoring center and moving into teaching watercolor painting online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The successful YouTube channel Diane Antone Studio was created in collaboration with her daughter, who also takes on most of the daily tasks. Daily tasks include running a property in France, creating tutorial videos and preparing vegetarian meals. Her love of animals rounds off her daily life. The blog reflects a rich and diverse journey that culminates in sharing artistic insights and skills with a wonderful online community.

Find out more about Diane Antone via the button below.

In collaboration with Diane Antone, this wonderful Artist Selection Set: AS1 - which contains 12 wonderful honey colors and was carefully selected:


VHaquarell in Mellismoments

Have you already discovered the wonderful new videos from Mellismoments? Valentine's Day is just around the corner and here you will find a wonderful creative idea to join in: Valentine's Day card. Have fun watching the content and joining in!


💖🎨 Valentine's magic with VHaquarell: Handmade colors for love! 🎨💖

Discover the magic of love with the exquisite handmade watercolors from VHaquarell. Each shade tells a love story, and each bottle is a creative love letter to your art.

🌹 The colors of love: Add a touch of romance to your works with the lovingly designed color palettes. From delicate shades of pink to deep burgundy - the handmade watercolors are the key to conjuring up the emotions of love on your canvas.

💝 A love letter to creativity: with VHaquarell, every brushstroke becomes an expression of love and devotion. Create breathtaking works of art that reflect the beauty of love in every line and color.

🎁 The perfect gift for artists at heart: Surprise your loved ones or yourself with the gift of artistic expression. The handmade watercolors are not just colors, but a declaration of love for art.

💌 Share your love story with #VHaquarell: Use the hashtag to share your Valentine's masterpieces. Let's create a creative love community together and fill the world with colors of affection.


Artist Highlight - Submissions

Hello my dear artists,

I love looking at your wonderful works created with my handmade watercolors. On Instagram, by email or on Facebook, I receive many incredibly great pictures that you conjure up on paper. It has always been a great wish of mine to create a lively and active community where we can exchange ideas and inspire each other. You are welcome to continue sending me your works of art, whether by email or Instagram with a tag and, ideally, the hashtag #vhaquarell so that I and others can find your wonderful pictures.

You can find wonderful examples on my website under "Artist Highlights".

Let's continue to make the world more colorful and creative and present our art to the world. :-)


Social media activities - YouTube videos

I am very happy that there are so many wonderful pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube that were created with my handmade watercolors.

Hello my dears,

I am delighted with the growing participation and now over 7,600 subscribers on Instagram - thank you so much! I am also delighted that my Facebook and YouTube accounts are growing in popularity.

Many lovely people have published wonderful videos with my handmade watercolors on YouTube, introduced my colors and painted wonderful pictures with them. This has also resulted in wonderful advertising partnerships, giving you even better insights into the world of handmade watercolors. I hope you enjoy the videos, which you can also find here:

You can also check out my YouTube channel at this link:


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