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February 2023: The Chameleon Colors are here! Best Seller and Artist Highlights

Updated: Apr 30

The Chameleon colors are here. You are cordially invited to discover the wonderful, new chameleon colors on which I have worked so long.

I hope you have already had a creative winter and had time to spend many wonderful hours with watercolor painting. Especially in winter I love to spend time at home with watercolors. What started as a hobby became a real passion.

Currently I am working on my website and designs of handmade watercolors. You may have already seen that the honey colors (single), as well as metallic colors (single) got a new design. I hope you like the new neat and elegant design.

The Artist Highlights I will present in the future monthly on my blog always, as well as in my story. I hope you understand that I will not be able to include them in my posts anymore. Too great is the wonderful selection of your works and it becomes more and more every day, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you a lot of fun and pleasure while browsing!

We start with a wonderful selection of chameleon colors - whose unique feature is the change of color, depending on the angle from which you look and how the light falls. This allows you to set wonderful highlights and create a completely new, unique painting and color experience.


Here you get a wonderful selection of handmade watercolor paints that you were especially interested in last month. All the handmade watercolor paints mentioned below were very well received by you and are very popular. Of course I don't want to withhold this list from you.

Artist Highlights - Images created with my handmade watercolors, an overview of wonderful artists:


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