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Decorations do it yourself with handmade watercolors

Updated: Apr 30

Do you still buy posters or murals as decoration for your home? Use your creativity to create your personal decoration. Come with us on your creative journey of discovery!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

You like decorations, e.g. murals or posters for your home, but you prefer to create them yourself? Then you've come to the right place!

You lack gift ideas for friends, family members or colleagues?

Then you are also in the right place!

„Have you ever painted murals with watercolors? Never? - No problem, today I'll show you a few examples here, how you can turn your pictures into wonderful decorations.”

With watercolors you can paint a lot of pictures, no matter what colors or motifs, you paint what you want. It's time to put your creativity on paper and exhibit it at home!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

You will need: paper, watercolors, brushes, fineliner, a cup with water, a picture frame (if you want).

Just paint what you like! There are no rules, express your creativity.

I have painted a few example pictures - if you frame them with a glass pane, you can make your picture even shinier and more elegant. Viellecht inspire you a few of my motifs?

Both plants or just color combinations, paint what you like or fits your room. Christmas is also soon around the corner - why not plan your homemade gifts today?

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

After you have painted with the watercolors, you can also paint over it again with a pencil, so that the picture has more details and expressions.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

You can also give your pictures as gifts to your friends and acquaintances. Whether for a birthday, wedding, Christmas or even without occasion as an expression for someone who is particularly important to you.


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