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December 2023 - Christmas is coming soon! - Plans for 2024 - VHart with alcohol ink - YouTube

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to December, the month when the Christmas markets open their doors and we can once again enjoy the magic of Christmas. December is also the beginning of winter and heralds a wonderful, creative time to spend at home with yourself and your creativity. What could be nicer than conjuring up something wonderful on paper in the comfort of your own home in winter? In this blog, I will tell you about the following topics:

- Christmas is just around the corner - creativity in winter

- Plans for VHaquarell in 2024

- VHart to start alcohol ink courses soon

- Mellismoments - Creative videos

- Artist Highlight - Submissions

- Social media activities - YouTube videos

I wish you not only a great deal of creativity, but also endless joy and pleasure in everything you experience this winter. Enjoy the contemplative time, let yourself be richly blessed and may your health always be with you. With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful weekend and at the same time happy holidays and a happy new year - if we don't hear from each other in the meantime. :-)

Christmas is just around the corner - creativity in winter

Enjoy the contemplative Christmas season and start the winter creatively!

Hello dear artist,

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and the festive season is approaching. Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to combine the cozy winter atmosphere with creative inspiration? In these frosty days, it's time to feel the warmth of creativity.

My handmade watercolors are perfect for capturing the winter atmosphere on your paper. From vibrant pine greens to sparkling snowy whites, the colors are the key to capturing the magic of the holidays in your artwork.

Dive into the world of creativity and discover the endless possibilities my watercolors offer. Add a calming beauty to your winter landscapes or personalize your Christmas cards with the warm, inviting colors from my palette.

The festive season is a time of sharing and joy. Why not put a smile on the faces of your loved ones with a hand-painted greeting card or an artistic painting? My watercolors allow you to express your artistic vision in unique Christmas gifts.

Take advantage of the time and joys of Christmas and treat yourself or your loved ones to some time out with the handmade watercolors and give yourself or your family and friends a gift. There are also wonderful matching gift cards to surprise your loved ones with a creative gift!


Plans for VHaquarell in 2024

Here I would like to show you the innovations and plans for VHaquarell in 2024

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty and support for our creative project and my handmade watercolors. I am thrilled to see how much joy and pleasure you have in expressing your creativity and sharing it with the world - whether on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. I have so many wonderful pictures and am simply speechless at how much you live this passion and make the world a little more colorful, happier and worth living in every day.

I look forward to telling you about my plans for the coming year. In 2023, I was able to send over 1,000 deliveries and was able to enchant many dear people with my handmade watercolors. Among other things, such wonderful success also means that I will be liable for VAT from 2024, as I was previously only a small business owner in my young company. Of course, I don't want to pass the VAT on to you in full, as I appreciate you and the wonderful community of art lovers and creatives so much - on the other hand, such a labor-intensive activity, where everything requires a lot of manual work, is not easy to simply "lose" a large part of the turnover. I think you've found a wonderful solution so that we can continue to have lots of fun and enjoy creating magic on paper in the coming year!

From 2024, the starter colors will slowly be phased out - as I want to concentrate on the higher quality Honey watercolors. My core range will of course include from 2024:

- Honey watercolors

- Neon watercolors

- Metallic watercolors

- Chameleon watercolors

I will also be working on some wonderful deluxe sets for you, with a beautiful watercolor kit, a wonderful logo and a very nice selection of wonderful colors.

I am also looking for wonderful, creative people who would like to work with me in an affiliate partnership for 2024. Do you have a YouTube channel, are active with your creativity, are you a warm, loving person and enjoy painting with watercolors? Then get in touch with me, I'm so excited to get to know you even better! I look forward to receiving your e-mail or use the contact form on the website.


VHart to start alcohol ink courses soon

Great news - I will soon be offering unique online courses to explain my alcohol inks technique!

Perhaps you have already had the opportunity to visit my artist website On the website you will not only learn more about me, my past and my ideals and thoughts, but also about my exotic art style. There I show my artworks created with my unique alcohol ink technique. This technique is very complex, it requires some unusual materials and a lot of instructions and guidance. Over the last few years, I have acquired a lot of expertise, collected video material and worked intensively on an online course over the last few months. At this point, I am all the more pleased to be able to tell you that I will soon have completed the online course and will also be able to welcome you as a part of the world of alcohol ink!

The online courses can be booked without a monthly subscription - you book the course once and then have access to it for an unlimited period of time. This gives you enough time to learn the techniques and expand your creative horizons without any time pressure. To keep the price of the courses very attractive for you, I will divide them into three categories so that you have the opportunity to book the "beginner" course first and then take the next step if necessary. If you can't wait to learn all my know-how in the field, there will also be a combination package where you get all three parts at a discounted price. To make the whole thing even more attractive, I'm also looking at ways to offer you payment in installments for the courses. And what's the best thing of all? I'll also be continually tweaking the courses and uploading additional content - at no extra cost to you on top of the courses you've already booked.

All I can tell you about the content is that it will be very intense! A lot of video content is waiting for you and I have set the important moments to music thanks to AI and will therefore also accompany you textually and linguistically, even if perhaps not with my own voice. As you know, I am not a native German speaker - I try very hard but I had to weigh up what is more important and I came to the conclusion that conveying knowledge 'clearly' has the higher priority at this point. I go into a lot of detail - even going so far as to deliberately recreate typical beginner mistakes and show you exactly what went wrong and how to deal with it so that you always feel you've been picked up well.

Here is just a small preview of images you can create later using this technique. :-)


Mellismoments - Creative videos

Do you also enjoy watching wonderful YouTube videos with creative content to learn something new and have fun? The Mellismoments channel gives you wonderful insights into the world of watercolors.

Welcome to "Mellismoments" - a place where creativity meets adventure and the world of color comes to life. Behind this unique channel is Melanie, a passionate artist who shares her enthusiasm for art, travel and life itself with us.

At 52 years old and with a wealth of life experience, Melanie is on her creative journey. She has been accompanied by her partner Micha for 13 years, and together they live in a picturesque half-timbered house with Melanie's mother, her cat Toby and their faithful dog Benny.

Creativity has always had a firm place in Melanie's life. She started out as a florist, then switched to occupational therapy after 10 years, before embarking on a new path after 12 years due to difficulties at work. After a period of contemplating what to do next, she took the plunge into self-employment with a food truck and made a name for herself with delicious home cooking.

After 9 years of culinary adventures, this spring it was time for a new direction. Melanie said goodbye to her food truck with a smile and a tear in her eye. In the meantime, she worked in retail, but from December 1, she will be working as an occupational therapist again.

Melanie spends her precious free time with her passion for painting and creating content on YouTube. It fills her with joy to introduce others to the fascinating world of color and to encourage beginners in particular. The gratitude and positive feedback from her viewers are a great motivation for her.

But that's not all. Melanie also finds time for her garden, which provides her with peace and inspiration. Her love of travel is evident in her explorations of the world, whether camping in Germany or on exciting adventures in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, China and soon Vietnam.

These are "Mellismoments" - a fascinating journey through color, creativity and a sense of adventure. Melanie invites you to accompany her on her exciting journey and discover with her the beauty of the world in all its colors.


Artist Highlight - Submissions

Hello my dear artists,

I love looking at your wonderful works created with my handmade watercolors. On Instagram, by email or on Facebook, I receive many incredibly great pictures that you conjure up on paper. It has always been a great wish of mine to create a lively and active community where we can exchange ideas and inspire each other. You are welcome to continue sending me your works of art, whether by email or Instagram with a tag and, ideally, the hashtag #vhaquarell so that I and others can find your wonderful pictures.

You can find wonderful examples on my website under "Artist Highlights".

Let's continue to make the world more colorful and creative and present our art to the world. :-)


Social media activities - YouTube videos

I am very happy that there are so many wonderful pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube that were created with my handmade watercolors.

Hello my dear artists,

I am delighted with the growing participation and now over 7,000 subscribers on Instagram - thank you so much! I'm also delighted that my Facebook and YouTube accounts are growing in popularity.

Many lovely people have posted wonderful videos with my handmade watercolors on YouTube, introducing my paints and painting wonderful pictures with them. This has also resulted in wonderful advertising partnerships, giving you even better insights into the world of handmade watercolors. I hope you enjoy the videos, which you can also find here:

You can also check out my YouTube channel at this link:


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