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December 2022 - Theme: Creative Christmas - Christmas offers - Presentation of five color series.

Updated: Apr 30

 🎄 Christmas is just around the corner! Gift ideas for hobby painters and hobby artists: All individual colors and sets have this month 10% discount. There is another probe surprise set for honey watercolors and from 59€ free shipping within Germany, from 89€ free shipping to Austria for December.    🎄

There are already five different series online, the watercolors of the collections: Starter, Metallic, Honey/Honey extra fine, Neon and Limited. Also in the future there will be more colors within the existing series and new series will be added. Now below you will find a wonderful explanation and description of the different series, enjoy!

The starter set with 49 watercolor paints - S31:

This set contains a total of 49 colors that look very natural, powerful and gentle. Suitable for all who want to start with watercolor and rely on the full range of handmade watercolor paints. The colors are matte, non-opaque and lightfast.

Honey/Honey extra fine - Watercolors

Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Pigments enriched with larger honey content are the basis for the rich honey watercolors. They look soft and a bit glossy (satin), lightfast and are non-opaque. Thanks to a vegetable oil as a preservative, the colors thus also last a very long time.

Very suitable for repeated painting of several layers, with a very deep level of detail. They have a very good adhesion to paper and do not wash out easily - it is easy to apply more layers of paint for deeper and more pronounced details.

But as of today, these were by no means all honey watercolor paints. In the future, there will be more and more colors to paint even more details and color fun.

The metallic set with 58 metallic colors - M21:

The shiny colors with the metallic effect are particularly elegant and exciting. To date, there are already more than 60 colors. The metallic colors are opaque, they can also paint on dark paper and are excellent for lettering, calligraphy and decorative art. Create wonderful effects for your works and enjoy the experience of conjuring up wonderful works on paper with metallic colors. Also a first-class gift idea for your dear artist friends. So Christmas can come. 👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨 

We are also far from finished with the metallic colors! There will be an even wider range of metallic colors in the future. Be curious and look regularly.

Neon watercolor paints

The Neon watercolors offer a wonderful painting experience, thanks to their very special pigments. These offer an elegant luminosity, the colors are honey based and as soft as chocolate. Very suitable for letterings and decorative art. Express your creativity even more, set highlights or create unique, luminous works! Also very suitable as a gift idea for your loved ones to awaken the fun of watercolors and provide a wonderful insight into the world of watercolors.

Currently, these eight very charming neon colors are still available, but there will be some more added soon.

Limited watercolor paints

The limited watercolor paints are not made according to a fixed, repeatable recipe, but here I let my creativity run wild and test extensively. This occasionally results in wonderful creations and sometimes unusual combinations. The colors from such a batch is always unique and is offered until sold out once. Occasionally, however, new colors are added. Feel free to have a look.

Here you can see two current examples as sets - now available in the store.

Artist Highlights for the month of December

I am pleased to present you again a few wonderful pictures of artists:inside, who have painted wonderful pictures with my handmade watercolors. Here you will find a wonderful selection of very beautiful motifs of various artists, which you can also find on Instagram, the names are in each case in the bottom left of each image. All these images were created recently and give you a realistic insight into what is possible with my handmade watercolors. The effects are breathtaking.

 🎄 The year 2022 is coming to an end and this is the last blog for this year. I wish you all a reflective and relaxing Advent and wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Finally, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your lovely support and making this store possible. Let's look forward to the year's finale and a wonderful and healthy new year! - Love, your Victoria  🎄


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