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Creative calligraphy with handmade metallic watercolors

Updated: Apr 30

Expand your creative expression with beautiful handmade metallic watercolor paints!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Handmade watercolor paints give you countless ways to expand your creative expression. The unique pigments offer you extraordinary colors and effects to give your art an incomparable touch.

Whether for your free time, for your art or as a unique gift for a special occasion - with my handmade watercolor paints you will create a special experience in any situation.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

„You have never tried calligraphy with metallic watercolors? No problem - here I have for you a great idea how you paint and write with my metallic watercolors on paper.”

The metallic watercolors are opaque, which means you can now paint on dark paper.

In this set there are more than 50 different colors. You have a huge selection of colors available to give your priceless, unique art your personal signature.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Preparation: pencil, metallic watercolors, brush, paper, a cup of water.

Think about what you would like to write.

Choose your favorite colors - you can use more than one color.

In what style do you want to write? Below I have a few examples for you. I personally like to write in this style. It shows the glamour and aesthetics with metallic colors.

First, sketch out with a pencil on paper, so you get an idea of how you will write with the colors and don't make any mistakes.

When everything is ready, you can start painting with the brush.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Various cards, wall decorations, calligraphy and much more, you can now paint with these metallic watercolors. Let your creativity run free to conjure up the colorful glossy colors on paper!

Make your life even brighter and more radiant!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

You are looking for ideas for your free time at home, with the famillie, children or with friends? Then now is the time to start a great hobby together and set the first accents with beautiful metallic watercolors.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Get the metallic watercolors now and start your artistic journey!

I look forward to being able to provide you with new posts again soon.


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