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Autumn ideas with the handmade "Starter" watercolors

Updated: Apr 30

Autumn is just around the corner and with it it's time again for your creativity in your free time at home!

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

The series handmade "Starter" watercolor paints includes a total of 49 different colors that are natural, non-opaque, matte, gentle and at the same time powerful. The sets also provide you with a mini metal box to collect the colors in order and keep them safe.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

„You still lack autumnal inspiration - no problem! Here I have prepared for you a few examples of how you start with my handmade watercolors with simple, autumnal motifs.”

Wonderful craft and gift ideas I deliver the same! For example, a beautiful homemade bookmark or rather a small decoration for the home table? Also wall decorations can be easily conjured up with these handmade "starter" watercolor paints on paper! Here you will find a few examples of what flair can be sprayed with a black fineliner, some paper and the watercolors.

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Preparation: paper, brushes, watercolors, fineliner, a cup of water and scissors.

Let's start simple with autumn elements. Fall colors include gold ochre, oxide green, bronze ochre, beige pink, caput mortuum, sepia light, slate gray blue and many more! Suitable themes in nature are foliage, flowers and plants. Picturesque autumn landscapes are just waiting to be conjured up on paper.

Small "starter" tips: First moisten the brush with water, choose your desired color and paint first a shape, such as a square, circle, or triangle - whatever shape you just like. Wait until the paint is completely dry. As long as the paint dries, you can pre-paint a few sketches with a fineliner, with a motif that you like. Then you paint the motif in your mold and you have a very simple but beautiful result as shown in the pictures to awaken desire for more!

Now you can cut out the whole thing and ready is your personal bookmark.

PS: Maybe even one of my hand-painted pictures is included as a surprise insert in your next set ;-)

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Handgemachte Aquarellfarben

Soon more ideas await you - thank you so much for reading this far and I look forward to providing you with more content soon!


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