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August 2023: New metallic colors - vegan colors are here! - Gift Cards - More Video Content

Updated: Apr 30

For the late summer there are some wonderful topics and news in August that I would like to introduce to you. I welcome you to this blog and hope you enjoy the content very much. The following topics await you in this blog:

- A painterly August: The fascination of watercolor painting in late summer.

- More metallic colors complement the range

- Discover the magic of the new vegan handmade watercolors

- Experience the magic of gift giving: gift cards for handmade watercolors!

- Social media - even more video content

I wish you a lot of pleasure, a pleasant late summer and lots of fun painting - also outdoors, weather permitting.

A painterly August: The fascination of watercolor painting in late summer.

August is calling - answer the call and paint away!

Welcome to August, a month of brightness and warmth that beguiles our senses with the colors of summer. It is a time of bright sunshine, lush landscapes and enchanting flowers that seduce us with their vibrant colors. Amidst this splendor, watercolor painting offers the ideal opportunity to capture the beauty of summer on paper and bring our handmade watercolors to life.

Watercolor painting is not only a way to capture the world around us, but also a journey of self-knowledge. As we paint, we are immersed in a meditative world that allows us to connect with our innermost selves. Our handmade watercolors become a mirror of our emotions and thoughts, creating a very special connection with our artwork.

When you use handmade watercolors, you help give your artwork a distinctive touch. Each color has been carefully and lovingly crafted to offer a unique, characterful quality that industrially produced paints can't match. Take this opportunity to experiment with the magic that only handmade watercolor can offer.

The month of August holds so many captivating subjects just waiting to be captured on paper by your creative hand. Pack up your handmade watercolors and head out into nature to capture the warm rays of the sun, explore the lush green of the woods, and celebrate the vibrant colors of the flowers.

Enjoy the freedom that watercolor painting offers and be inspired by the colors of summer. August is the time to unleash your artistic passion and capture the magic of this unique season with your handmade watercolors.

In this month of abundance and beauty, I wish you many creative hours and that your handmade watercolors help you take your artistic vision to a new level. Paint with heart and soul and let August be an unforgettable chapter of your artistic journey!


More metallic colors complement the range

I have a bright surprise for you: New metallic colors are here!

Hello dear creative queen, dear color magician! Today I have something exciting to share that will make your artistic heart beat faster. Imagine that you can now enchant your artwork with a touch of magical shine and shimmering brilliance. Yes, you heard right - more brand new metallic colors are finally here to give your creativity wings!

Imagine how the light refracts on your paper and lets your pictures shine in dazzling reflections. Whether you're painting a starry sky, a futuristic cityscape, or just want to add a sparkling accent, metallic paints make it effortless to create unique effects and add a special touch to your work.

I can't wait to see how you use the new metallic colors in your artwork. Show us your masterpieces and share your creations with the community! Use the hashtag #vhaquarell so we can all admire and celebrate your art.

What are you waiting for? Grab your painting kit and be ready to unleash the magic of metallic colors. Visit my website to secure your set of shiny colors. Give your ideas wings and let your art shine in a fascinating light.

Thank you for being part of our creative community. We look forward to admiring your artwork in shiny colors!

Here you can find a small preview of the new metallic colors (in total there are 9 new ones!):


Discover the magic of the new vegan handmade watercolors

Inspired by nature, made for nature and you.

I know how important sustainability and environmental awareness is to you. My vegan handmade watercolor paints were developed with love for nature and are not made from honey or other animal products, but from sustainable materials. With every brush stroke you can now unleash your creativity while respecting the environment even more. It feels like you are bringing the magic of nature directly to your paper!

Of course, it's important that your colors align with your artistic vision and not the other way around. The vegan handmade watercolor paints are created to turn your ideas into reality and inspire your creativity. Discover the freedom these paints give you and let your imagination run wild!

The new vegan handmade watercolor paints are a wonderful addition to the range and now brand new in my store! I couldn't be more excited to present these magical colors to you. Be one of the first to enjoy the magic - get your vegan handmade watercolor now and experience the difference!

Here you will find the selection of the first, vegan handmade watercolor paints. This color series is currently only available in limited quantities.


Experience the magic of gift giving: gift cards for handmade watercolors!

A gift full of creativity:

Imagine how your loved ones can discover and develop their artistic passion. With the gift cards you open the door to a world of creative possibilities. Whether they are already experienced artists* or just beginning their artistic journey, my handmade watercolors will inspire them!

The gift cards are not only a wonderful gift, but also easy and convenient to purchase. You can order them directly from the online store and get them emailed to you or have them sent directly to the recipient. This way you save time and can surprise your loved ones with creative inspiration in no time at all!

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or simply as a special surprise in between - the gift cards are the ideal companion for every occasion. With this gift you show how much you care about the artistic development of your loved one and that you support their passion for painting. A gift that comes from the heart!

Click here for the gift cards:


Social media - even more video content

Social media channels are where the magic of watercolor painting comes to life. Immerse yourself in a world of inspiring videos that introduce you to the secrets of watercolor art. From new releases and wonderful artist highlights to video content about the history of VHaquarell and its handmade watercolor paints, you'll find everything your creative heart desires!

Follow VHaquarell on the social media channels and get exclusive insights behind the scenes of the creative work. Meet wonderful artists, learn more about my handmade watercolors and experience firsthand how they are created. I open the doors to the creative content and take you on a fascinating journey!

In the social media channels, not only I am in the spotlight - the community and I also want to celebrate you and your creative works! Share your watercolor creations with me and the community by using the hashtag #vhaquarell. We all can't wait to admire and share your unique artwork with the world!

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel at this link:


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