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April 2024 - Feel the joy of spring with handmade watercolors - April Easter fun - Alcohol ink courses by VHart (at the moment German only) - Artist Highlights - Social Media

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to April - a time when nature awakens and presents us with a kaleidoscope of colors. This month, rich in fresh air and warm sunshine, invites us to bring the colorful splendor of spring to our paper. Using unique, handmade watercolors, let's capture the diversity and beauty of this season together. Let's use this month to be inspired by nature to realize our creative dreams and immerse ourselves in the world of color. Embark on this inspiring journey and let your artistic visions come to life in vibrant watercolors!

- Discover the joy of spring with VHaquarell: Handmade watercolors for a creative Easter celebration

- The joy of painting: The fascinating world of handmade watercolors

- Discover a fascinating journey into the world of creativity with VHart alcohol ink courses!

- Beauty from VHart

- Artist Highlight - Submissions

- Social media activities - YouTube videos

Spring is in full bloom, and with it comes the time to get creative and make new things together. I at VHaquarell want to take advantage of this vibrant season to show you unique ideas for a creative Easter that will fill your heart and home with joy. You can find more ideas in the Artist Highlight section or on Instagram/Facebook!

Discover how my handmade watercolors can enhance Easter, from artful Easter cards to vibrant decorations. Unleash the magic of Easter on paper!

Making Easter cards together or decorating the home with colorful Easter decorations brings the whole family together. With my versatile watercolors, you can create unforgettable works of art that come from the heart and transform your home into an oasis of happiness.

I firmly believe that creativity connects us and creates unforgettable memories. Let's use this Easter time to get creative together.

Discover the perfect watercolors for an inspiring Easter and beyond in my online store now.

I wish you and your family a magical and creative Easter!


Discover the joy of spring with VHaquarell: Handmade watercolors for a creative Easter celebration

Dear art lovers,

With spring comes the joy of new beginnings, fresh colors and creative inspiration. At VHaquarell, I would like to celebrate this spring with you and present you my handmade watercolors that will ignite your artistic passion and make your Easter even more beautiful.

Why should you choose our handmade watercolors?

  1. Uniqueness: Each color is mixed and shaped by hand to ensure a unique texture and color intensity. You get colors that are not only of high quality, but also have a special charm and character.

  2. Quality: The watercolors are carefully tested for color intensity, lightfastness and blendability. This means you can be sure that your artwork will shine for a long time and that your paints will give you a lot of pleasure.

  3. Sustainability: I attach great importance to environmentally friendly materials and a sustainable manufacturing process. The use of ox gall is also avoided. The handmade watercolors contain no harmful chemicals in binders and preservatives and are good for you and the environment.

  4. More content: All color pots are filled with a special amount of color content. Not only are the color pots completely filled, an additional color mound ensures even longer, maximum color fun for your pictures!

  5. Exceptional color series: With the Honigaquarell colors, metallic colors, neon colors and chameleon colors, you get colors from a wide variety of series that all have unique properties and expand your scope of action to the maximum. The boundaries of what is possible are broken and we can develop freely and express ourselves as we wish! The color dream becomes real.

  6. More than just color: Experience how craftsmanship and art in the form of handmade watercolors form an impressive symbiosis and merge together. Each handmade watercolor is a craft made just for you and your creativity!

These special handmade watercolors are perfect to embellish your Easter cards, artwork or DIY projects and bring a touch of spring to your artwork. From soft pastels to vibrant spring colors, the paints will make your creativity blossom.

So, why not embellish this Easter with VHaquarell? Immerse yourself in the world of handmade watercolors and discover the joy of painting. Visit the online store today and get inspired for the start of spring.

Have fun discovering!


The joy of painting: The fascinating world of handmade watercolors

The magic of handmade watercolors: Their inspiring power and unique flair.

Do you know the feeling of dipping a brush in handmade watercolor paint and painting on paper? The colors flow effortlessly over the paper, blending into fascinating nuances and creating a true masterpiece. Handmade watercolors have a unique magic that awakens the passion in us and takes us into a world of creative possibilities. In this blog post, I want to tell you why handmade watercolors are so special and how they ignite the artistic passion in all of us.

The magic of handmade watercolors: Handmade watercolors are unique in their texture and composition. Each color is mixed and shaped by hand to ensure high quality and intensity. As the artist who makes these paints, I put my heart and soul into every drop of paint and every color mixture, and you can feel it when you paint. The colors are vibrant, varied and full of character. They have a depth and transparency that digital paints cannot offer. Handmade watercolors allow artists to play with light and shadow, mix nuances and develop their own artistic signature.

The freedom of creative expression: Handmade watercolors offer artists the freedom to live out their creative passion to the full. With these paints, you can create your own world and let your imagination run wild. You can paint abstract works of art, realistic landscapes, letterings, cards, portraits, still lifes and much more - the possibilities are endless. Handmade watercolors inspire artists to try new techniques, experiment with colors and develop their own style.

The importance of passion in art: Passion is an important component in art. It is the source of creativity, expression and innovation. Handmade watercolors awaken the passion in us because they are not only a tool, but also a source of inspiration. When painting with handmade watercolors, we can lose ourselves in a creative flow in which time and space no longer play a role. We become one with our colors and let ourselves be carried away by the magic of the creative process.

Handmade watercolors are more than just colors on paper. They are a source of inspiration, creative development and passion. With their unique magic, they can awaken the artistic passion in all of us and transport us into a world of creative possibilities. When painting with handmade watercolors, we can lose ourselves in a creative flow and develop our own artistic signature. Let yourself be enchanted by the fascination of handmade watercolors and discover the freedom and joy they can spark in art.

Let yourself be inspired by the wonderful artists among my references and let yourself be carried away!


Discover a fascinating journey into the world of creativity with VHart alcohol ink courses (at the moment only in German)!

Dream in color. Create in waves. Live in art.

Immerse yourself in inspiring courses created by innovative artist Victoria Hilbrecht. VHart offers far more than just ordinary courses - here you have the unique opportunity to experience this artist's perspective and creativity first-hand in inviting self-study courses.

Whether you're a novice looking to learn the basics or an experienced artist looking to perfect your skills, at VHart you'll find courses tailored to your level and interests. From alcohol ink techniques to professional courses for presenting your own art, VHart offers a wide range of opportunities to develop and deepen your artistic skills.

At VHart there are no time limits or subscriptions - just dive in and enjoy countless hours of quality content. Discover fascinating techniques and secrets and look forward to future expansions! Experience art with passion and innovation!

Enjoy high-quality learning content, clear instructions and become part of a creative community. Immerse yourself in the world of VHart and unleash your artistic potential!

Discover your creative side with VHart! Immerse yourself in inspiring courses and develop your artistic skills. Dream. Create. Live. With VHart. Start today to inspire tomorrow. Your creative journey awaits - what are you waiting for?

Here is a preview of the specific content that awaits you:

  • Materials list

  • Introduction and application of materials

  • Comparisons between different ink brands

  • Secret VHart ink production

  • A variety of techniques

  • Introductions and exercises

  • Tips for learning and practicing

  • Digital editing of high-resolution images

  • Creating mock-ups for digital presentations

  • Numerous hours of "Paint with me" videos

  • FAQ

Embark on a creative journey with VHart - where art is not only taught, but lived!


Beauty from VHart

VHart's art is characterized by soft lines that represent a natural fusion of alcohol inks. This harmonious composition creates a refreshing atmosphere. The ability to create vibrant colors reveals VHart's deep connection and artistic expression. Each work is not only visually striking, but also emotionally impactful. VHart transports the viewer into a world of color and form, creating works of art that engage the senses and inspire the imagination. Her works are masterpieces, expressions of a creative soul that shares beauty with the world.


Artist Highlight - Submissions

Hello my dear artists,

I love looking at your wonderful works created with my handmade watercolors. On Instagram, by email or on Facebook, I receive many incredibly great pictures that you conjure up on paper. It has always been a great wish of mine to create a lively and active community where we can exchange ideas and inspire each other. You are welcome to continue sending me your works of art, whether by email or Instagram with a tag and, ideally, the hashtag #vhaquarell so that I and others can find your wonderful pictures.

You can find wonderful examples on my website under "Artist Highlights".

Let's continue to make the world more colorful and creative and present our art to the world. :-)


Social media activities - YouTube videos

I am very happy that there are so many wonderful pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube that were created with my handmade watercolors.

Hello my dears,

I am delighted with the growing participation and now over 7,900 subscribers on Instagram - thank you so much! I am also delighted that my Facebook and YouTube accounts are growing in popularity.

Many lovely people have published wonderful videos with my handmade watercolors on YouTube, introduced my colors and painted wonderful pictures with them. This has also resulted in wonderful advertising partnerships, giving you even better insights into the world of handmade watercolors. I hope you enjoy the videos, which you can also find here:

Take a look at my YouTube channel at this link:


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